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How to Throw a Back to the 70s Party

Hippie PartyImage by Snap Man via FlickrBy Martin A Horton

A splendid idea for your next summer party is to theme your soiree around the 1970s. Take this idea to the next level by turning your party into a costumed event. Asking your guests to wear a costume is a wonderful way to make your celebration a totally groovy one.

When your friends arrive at your party in their hippie chick costumes, decked out with rose colored glasses and bangle earrings, the fun has only just begun. There are lots of costume ideas for a 70s theme, and you can even tailor the theme around a certain type of costume.

Many of the fun 70s costumes available for purchase are very colorful with tie-dye and paisley prints, so it is fun to prepare drinks which are equally as eye-catching. Create a punch using brightly colored drink mixes, or add food coloring to sparkling white wines and champagne. Example snacks are brownies with brightly colored sprinkles added for a psychedelic look and Jiffy Pop popcorn still in the container.

If your guests are the type of people who enjoy trivia games, you can customize a game using some psychedelic colored paper, a glass soda bottle, a few 1970s themed trinkets like disco balls or hippie beads and a little internet research. Soda in glass bottles are often found in specialty food stores or in the ethnic section of your local supermarket.

For your questions, do some Internet searches for music and films of the 1970s. Create questions from the information you find interesting. Print out 30 or more questions so you have at least two questions per guest who you expect to participate in the game. To play, ask guests to sit around a table. At the table, pick one person to begin as a question asker, and spin the glass bottle in the center of the table. Whoever the bottle stops in front of has to answer the asker's question.

Another fun 70s themed activity is to hold a dance contest. Pick a two or three of your guests to judge the contest and give them lots of beads, wrapped snacks or other 70s themed prizes to hand out. Put on some music that goes with your theme, and ask the rest of your guests to participate as contestants. Let contestants do their best or wackiest dance moves for 30 seconds, and let the judges give their favorites prizes. After the contest is over, let the winners start a dance party with a disco Soul Train dance line.

You have lots of options in regards to decorating for a 1970's themed affair. A disco fever theme with a disco ball hanging from the ceiling and shiny streamers is a lively way to enhance the 70s feel of your party. Paring reflective decorations with a playlist of bouncy disco tunes creates a boisterous dance party anywhere.

If a hippy rock party is more what you are looking to invite guests to, buy a set of beaded curtains, also known as door beads. Hang them from your front door, so when guests enter the party, the 70s feel is the first thing they experience. With these tips, your 1970s costume party is sure to impress. Your guests can have a great time, because of the effort you have put into such a fun party.

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