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The History of Menswear - 1970 to 1979

Andy Warhol                                                                                           Andy WarholBy Jade Jennison

The nineteen seventies saw a general decline of hippie culture yet most of the clothing styles at that point were influenced by the hippie movement. This period included a variety of technological advances, disaster and the up rise of political rights for women and homosexuals.

Popular celebrities such as Freddie Mercury and Andy Warhol 'came out' which spurred controversy within society. Margaret Thatcher became the first woman British Prime Minster.

The first VCR was invented along with the Walkman which allowed the media and entertainment to advance further throughout the world. This decade was also unlucky when it came to terrorist attacks as a Palestinian group hijacked five planes in 1970 and the Munich massacre took place in 1972.

Fashion has changed exceptionally across many decades. The 1970s spurred a hippie appreciation for the previous decade. General fashion was also inspired greatly by Hollywood movie stars who sported the kind of 'disco look'. Steering towards the end of the seventies a different fashion replaced the previous and this consisted of punk fashion which was completely unprecedented.

Men became much more experimental during the seventies than ever before due to the unleashing of creativity and independence throughout the sixties. During the early times of this era the most popular ensembles of attire included flares, patterns and ties. With the influence of major music artists such as David Bowie who regularly sported a 'glittered' look, men felt more confident to tap into their feminine side.

With longer hair, moustaches and side-burns, this fantastic era saw a turn within fashion than it had not seen previously as it was completely innovative. Despite this peculiar turn the disco era did not last very long as the late-1970s brought the punk rock era.

It has been said that the main influences of punk fashion were Vivienne Westwood and her partner Malcolm McLaren. This curious turn was a rebellion to economic depression and everyone who wore this particular style was reacting against the world.

Male rockers such as Sid Vicious (frontman of the Sex Pistols) played a huge part in working with Westwood to promote such an obscure fashion taste. This style has been said to trace back to the time of the band, The Velvet Underground, who initially began this creative rebel style.

When wearing punk-like attire men would usually have ripped jeans, torn t-shirts and controversial haircuts paired with an old leather jacket. The fashion was described as a 'sense of poverty' as they projected their political feelings through what they wore and felt as if the economy was completely failing. Their rebellious ways began a brand new movement which can be seen in modern fashion today as we still have the jeans and the leather jackets.

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