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Vintage Fashion Means Something Different For Everyone

Vintage Clothes Shops Camden LondonVintage Clothes Shops Camden London (Photo credit: iknow-uk)By Bette Hall

If you were to ask ten women on the street what they thought vintage fashion was, in all likelihood you would get ten different answers. Some people would refer to Audrey Hepburn, others to Jackie Kennedy, others to Jane Austen, others to Farah Fawcett, and others to Nicole Richie.

The truth is, vintage fashion means something different for everyone. Vintage fashion is the hottest trend right now and every style icon of today is mirroring style icons of yesterday, no matter who they are, in their own unique way.

The key to making vintage fashion hot for you, is to make it your own. You start off with the key staples that you like best, and add the right pop of vintage accessories and make the old new again in a very contemporary way.

Vintage accessories are the hottest way to make a sleek contemporary look turn vintage. All you need to do is add the right vintage hand bag, shoe line, or even a cameo broach to a modern black turtleneck and you have got a vintage look that will make heads turn.

Let's start with a classic look that was embodied by Audrey Hepburn. As a former dancer, she loved to keep her look clean and follow the lines of her lithe figure. Black Capri pants and a black turtleneck sweater was a signature look for her. And guess what? These are pieces that you can still buy today.

Add a pair of funky wedges, and you've made the look a little hippy vis a vis Farah Fawcett. Add a pair of ballet flats and pile your hair on top of your head and you've gone Audrey in minutes. Add a slew of bangles to your delicate wrists, and a feathered headband and you've just copied Nicole Richie. Add a lovely faux pearl necklace that hits your waistline, and you've just channeled the great Jackie Kennedy.

No matter what look you love, if you love vintage fashion, you more than likely have a style of your own that you prefer to stick to. Any ensemble can use a touch of lace to add an instant vintage appeal. As well, pearls are a great contemporary way to make a new look a little old, but in the best of all possible ways. The key to honing in on vintage fashion and making the old new again is by making it your own using your key staples and making the most out of affordable accessories.

In this day and age, there are a number of reasons to go vintage. For one thing, vintage fashion is easy on the wallet. We are in an economy where money is tight, and splurging on designer brands is seen as frivolous. Even style icons like Kate Middleton are recycling fashion, as was seen in the fact that she didn't even purchase her own crown for her own wedding. And speaking of recycling, this is also a day and age where recycling is the hippest thing on the planet.

Recycling that which is old, whether it is your closet or somebody else's, is just about the most eco friendly way that you can show off your fashion sense, without spending a lot of cents. What reason you choose to use vintage fashion will be as unique to you as the pieces you select. So get started on your vintage wardrobe with IN:trigue and get in with the vintage style today.

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  1. Love vintage fashion but it needs to be in a modern twist. I don't want to look like I Love Lucy