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The Return of the Creepers

Creepers shoes Transparent                                  Image via WikipediaBy Sami Brown

As years go by, we tend to see fashion trends repeat themselves; this applies to creepers shoes which are also known as brothel creepers.

In the beginning, around World War 2, soldiers based in deserts, wore these shoes to protect their feet from the heat so they did this by wearing thicker soled shoes, which were given the name 'creepers'. When the soldiers left the army and came home to London, they continued to wear this footwear which began a trend of fashion.

Brothel creepers are usually made with a black or white leather or suede upper but are occasionally made with bright suede's such as red or blue for a complete statement shoe. Creepers regularly feature a small lace fastening with metal eyelets in the shape of a letter 'D' instead of the usual round shape, but buckle fastenings are also quite popular among men.

The sole of the shoe is the most distinctive part of the shoe as it is extra thick in comparison to other footwear, ranging from a small one inch sole to a three-inch platform sole being the largest. Although it seems that brothel creepers are heavy shoes to walk around in all day, they seem worth the weight due to their complete different look next to other footwear.

Men were the regular wearers of creepers and were commonly known as 'Teddy boys'. This subculture involved young men following an American rock and roll vibe, wearing skinny trousers, velvet and quiffs.

In the 1970's creepers became popular again and various other subcultures such as Indies, Punks and Goths wore this style. From the success of this popular shoe, many more designs and styles came about, with three different sole thicknesses available including triple soles, which flocked not only England, but worldwide.

Whilst creepers were originally a men's shoe style, women are now choosing to wear them too. With leading footwear retailers now supplying a huge range of creepers, there are now pairs that a specifically available to women and feature a thick platform which is level with the chunky heel height which adds a femininity element to the footwear, girly colours are also used to differentiate the women's shoes from the mens.

Similar to other fashion trends, brothel creepers ease in and out of the fashion circle. The bespoke design of creepers footwear is a stand out trend that resembles a rock and roll vibe which is regularly worn by bands and musicians.

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