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Denim Through the Ages

Denim WeavingDenim Weaving (Photo credit: LollyKnit)By Jade Jennison

There is a lot of controversy about the initial creation of denim but what we do know is that Levi Strauss was undoubtedly one of the first, if not the first, people to create clothing out of this material.

It is impossible to think of jeans without the brand name Levi's coming to mind and since the initial pair there is no doubt that this specific material has come a long way.

In the past 130 years denim has erupted across the world and became a must-have accessory for everyone - whether they are a child or a pensioner. The initial distribution of this particular style of clothing was to typical working class men who needed a pair of trousers which would last them throughout their working period. Levi's soon received a patent for 'Improvement in Fastening Pocket-Openings' which was theoretically the birth certificate of the jean.

After the brand became more and more popular they started gaining valuable customers, but eventually their patent expired giving others a chance to interpret Levi's initial design for profit. America's work-force grew and the demand for denim increased aggressively ergo allowing the brands to co-exist whilst still making a healthy amount from the working men and women.

It was only a matter of time until jeans were introduced to the public as an innovative and unprecedented fashion accessory. This uprise began with the western world as cowboys began living quieter lives and the media sugar-coated them and projected them all over their screens starting a new trend thus giving the denim world a chance to expand their business to cowboys.

Amongst this pandemonium, Bill Crosby's signature was in fact denim which allowed all of the manufacturers to get a lot more press and popularity.

After the cowboys were on-board motorcyclists began to interpret the jeans style to their own satisfaction and fashion needs giving it a rebellious name. Pairing leather with this material seemed to be a huge hit across the youngsters and started to appear in other parts of the world.

Hippies were next for this particular craze as they were seen sporting creative designs at 'The Summer of Love'. This was the hippie revolution as over 100,000 gathered on the Haight-Ashbury neighbourhood in San Francisco without a lack of psychoactive drugs and music; this turned into an epidemic of sexual freedom and creativity. The attire that they sported included beads, new fits and cuts and embroidery which sparked a revolution within the denim industry.

This market saw a decline when hip hop clothing was introduced as people began to experiment with everything but this previously popular jean material. But, of course the manufacturers saw a gap within this and began to mass produce hip-hop styled jeans.

Denim is highly unlikely to ever go out of fashion and has come a long way since the beginning. Designer brands have created many luxuries styles of jean and other types of attire including such a fantastic type of clothing which has continuously been on the market since it became popular and no doubt will be in years to come.

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