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Bob Marley's Music Career

Bob, Peter, Bunny & Rita
Bob, Peter, Bunny & Rita (Wikipedia)
by Sharon Blue

Jobs became scarce in Jamaica and Bob decided to follow his mother to look for employment in the city. He went to stay in Trench town.

In town, he spent most of the time with his friend Neville Livingstone and this is when he became exposed to music. Bob and Neville Livingstone learnt music in the same class. In the class they met Peter Macintosh and became friends.

During that time Jamaican music was evolving and becoming popular in Caribbean. Bob's music career started when he was sixteen years old. Music was the only good way of making money in Jamaica especially to many young Jamaicans.

Jimmy Cliff is one of the young Jamaicans who recorded a few hits in Jamaica and became popular. After Bob Marley met Jimmy, he was introduced to Leslie Kong a producer. He started working with Bob and followed his advice. Bob's musical career started to shine more brightly than any other young Jamaican and he recorded his first single known as "Judge Not". Bob stopped working with Kong after she refused to pay him.

The next year Bob Marley, Bunny and other friends, created the Wailing Wailers. After a few recording sessions, two members decided to quit the band. The band moved on and was introduced to Clemt Dodd. He used to be a local producer at Coxsone Company.

The Wailers recorded their first song with Clemt Dodd known as "Simmer Down", which became popular in Jamaica. The company gave the band several talented Ska musicians, to help in recording most of their songs.

During that time, the Wailing Wailers were comprised of three members Peter Tosh, Bunny and Bob Marley. They became popular locally. The Wailing Wailers recorded more songs with the record label and Bob became the leader and songwriter of the group.

The life of Bob Marley went on to become bright; he married Rita Anderson in 1966. After marrying Rita, Bob went to America to visit his mother, who stayed in Delaware. He later went back to Jamaica and changed the Wailing Wailers music from Ska to Rock.

This change did not go well, with the record company because the company wanted only a Ska band. This forced the band to leave the record label. Bob and other members changed the name of the band from Wailing Wailers to The Wailers. Instead of searching for a new label, the group created their own which was known as "Wail N' Soul.

In 1970, two members joined the band Carleton and Barret. In the Caribbean, The Wailers were very famous but they were not known internationally. The Wailers, created another label known as Tuff Gong. After forming this label, the band met Johnny Nash and Bob went with Nash to Sweden.

Bob Marley recorded a single known as "Reggae on Broadway" in London which was released by CBS. The other Wailers members went to London, to promote the single. When they were in London, they discovered that they did not have money and they became stranded in London. To be continued.

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