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Chick Corea Discography

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Chick Corea in 2009 (Wikipedia)
by Dave J Panico

Chick Corea started his recording career back in 1962.

The very first album in the Chick Corea discography was recorded with Mongo Santamaria Afro-Latin Group. He was twenty one years old.

Chick Corea has played with some of the very best Jazz Musicians around the world which includes: Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Stanley Clark, Herbie Mann, Stan Getz and so many more.

His discography spans over six decades with over 80 recordings which is an amazing accomplishment.

Chick was an innovator of blending the jazz sound with the rock sound giving what is known today as fusion or jazz fusion.

One of my favorite collections and probably my first exposure to Chick Corea was the Return to Forever "Romantic Warrior" album. This was the bands best selling album which reached total sales of 500,000.

I remembering listening to and it was different but very interesting and stimulating to listen to. The band Return To Forever recorded nine records and had some of the best players like Al Demiola on guitar and Stanley Clark on bass.

In 1986 Chick formed a band called the Elektric Band and the band recorded eight cd's. "Beneath The Mask" is one of my favorites. It peaked at number two on Billboards Top Contemporary Jazz Albums chart.

From 1967 - 1974, Chick recorded 11 albums with Miles Davis who was one of the greatest bebop trumpeters ever. It seemed to be a great combination when Chick Corea joined up with Miles Davis. I wish I could have seen it.

Miles Davis album "In a Silent Way" started experimenting with electric instruments, (guitar/piano) and continued with those electric instruments in "Bitches Brew". With Chick Corea on electric piano, this became Miles Davis's first gold album and eventually won a Grammy award.

In 1976, Chick made a spontaneous visit to Spain in where he fell in love with the flamenco culture. With that love and the influence of the flamenco culture, he used that blend of Latin-jazz as a theme for the album "My Spanish Heart".

One of the songs entitled "Armandos Rhumba" was a tribute to his father. In this song he added a bit of salsa music which is a genre that wasn't embraced until years later. This album had a wide appeal to many.

For kids and those of us who were kids, the Chick Corea discography includes a solo album called "Children's Songs" and he also did the sound track for Happy Anniversary Charlie Brown. Chick recorded a total of nine solo albums.

With such a great discography and decades of musical influence, I don't now of any other musician that has a Best of and a Very Best of album/cd in their discography. Only the great ones do.

Whether you're a fan of Chick Corea or not, there is no disputing that Chick was an innovator and a pioneer for what is now called jazz-fusion.

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