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Peace Sign Fashion - Fashion of a 1960s Icon

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Peace Sign Fashion by Julie W Hall

Hey, is that a flower in your hair?

RETAIL SHOPPING - 2009: Peace Signs are a big hit. They are blooming everywhere.

It's Spring - 2009 - and the question is heard - so what's hot? Not that we have lots of plastic and cash to splurge about with. Let's face it, we've all felt a pull on our wallets. In one way or another, we've all cut back a bit. So then, how may we have a bit of fun? Enjoy the shopping - even if our budgets have been scaled way back?

Take a look at the current fashion trends. Peace sign jewelry is HOT!!! It's sizzling HOT! From models and stars wearing it while being interviewed on television, to shoppers in your local mall, peace signs are back in a big way.

How about a tie-die shirt, era 1970's? You do recall the Volkswagen Beetles with the hand painted daisies, peace signs and GROOVY words all about. Well throw back or not, it makes us feel better. And let's face, who amongst us doesn't wish to feel a little better?

Peace signs, from their original humble beginnings in the early sixties to stop nuclear proliferation, to a few years later and the Woodstock days when people gathered to express their heartfelt desire for peace and harmony throughout our world - peace signs in any shape and size represented a better place desired.

Today, they are found on clothes and posters, furniture, bedding, fashionable jewelry and car emblems. Proudly displayed to show a deep-rooted desire that we want things to be better. That we must all seek to come together, work together and make this desired peace a reality.

And let's also acknowledge those who pursue this message, also note the extremely limited resources of our wonderful planet, our home. Al Gore (Vice President, Statesmen, educator and Nobel Prize Laureate), helped us to understand we must change. He simply labeled his insight - an inconvenient truth - an understatement for how necessary it is that we change our ways. We live on a planet with finite resources; and must stop its abuse.

So as many take up the notion of seeking a heartfelt desire for protecting the earth, so too, do we seek a better world - a world blessed with peace. It's time we take responsibility for the world we live in, and make changes. We all desire a cleaner world, and a peaceful co-existence. Just imagine no longer needing to remove your shoes before boarding a plane; or passing through metal detectors and official scrutiny. It may take several generations, but we need to start now.

The peace sign found around our necks, on our wrists, t-shirts, cars and elsewhere, are more than fashion - they represent a better tomorrow. They signify hope. So take a stand. Go ahead and don a fashionable peace sign necklace, and wear the funny circle with a few lines. Embrace it's promise and give way to making a difference this Spring 2009. Contribute positively to a higher conscience of man - and let us all seek a better way of living together - a world that embraces peace and gives it a chance.

These are hard economic times for most of us, but together we can and we will, get through this. Indeed over the past fifty years, our world and its global community has become much smaller; much more closely connected.

Many years ago, a uniquely talented, insightful and gifted individual sought to get our attention. So today, in this new Spring of 2009, let us take John Lennon's words to heart. Let us all "GIVE PEACE A CHANCE".

Julie Hall is a writer for the Fashion Industry - Following all the latest trends. Julie stays ahead of the latest trends with frequent interviews from wholesale importers of such as Wholesale Fashion Jewelry by Cool Jewels ®.

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