Saturday, April 25, 2009

Soul-Flower Newsletter - Earth Day

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We love our mama... Mother Earth that is. So, we felt it appropriate to send out a newsletter in honor of her and in celebration of Earth Day - hopefully it won't get lost among all the other dirt-digging, earth-loving, eco-conscious companies and organizations you love and promote. But, well, we want to do everything we can to spread the love.

Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children (Kenyan proverb).

In honor of this year's Earth Day, we are offering 25% off of all the items in our organic CircleTees line (this week only), just use the code REVOLUTION when you check out. Here are a few earth-loving lines and ideas we are promoting at Soul Flower:

Organic Circle Tees

Buying organic cotton and other natural fiber clothing is a small thing you can do to help our environment. Circle Tees display eco-friendly messages on super soft tees and hoodies for the whole family. We use organic cotton and other eco-friendly fibers for this line of clothing - we also use earth-friendly (water-based) inks and nonreactive dyes on many of our t-shirts. And for this week only, get 25% off all circle tees (use coupon code REVOLUTION when you check out). Circle Tees: Making a revolution one tee at a time.

Earth Loving Accessories

We recently added a few new jewelry items, all of which have an eco-origin and are hand-made. Our newest hemp necklaces are a step above the typical hemp necklace and are beautifully interwoven with gorgeous beads (all hand-made by our bud Sherri). Our recycled belt bracelets are made by reusing old belts (hand-picked and made by our bud Kimberly). And our latest collection of necklaces and bracelets are made entirely from recycled seeds. Eco-Friendly Jewelry.

Organic Body Products

Our body products are made with simple, raw ingredients. We work with Mama's Herbal Soaps and Prairieland Herbs, both of whom promote green living by creating products in small batches and using only organic and other natural ingredients. No synthetic colors, synthetic fragrances or synthetic oils in these! Maggie and Shauna have worked closely with us to create our own special scents, Soul Flower exclusives such as Patchouli Soul and Patchouli Flower.... Love Your Body.


We continue to try to green up our work environment and day-to-day practices. Most of what we do is simple stuff, like reusing boxes and printing on recycled paper - but the key to everything we do is to just be mindful of our mother earth always. It isn't about celebrating the earth just one day a year - we think about things we can do to lessen our footprint every day. We love hearing about customers that do the same and have other green-i-fying ideas. So keep the ideas coming.


Your Buds (Mike, Peggy, Chad, Jennifer, Joe & Becky), Soul Flower

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