Friday, April 24, 2009

Psychedelic Art in Fashion

The Psychedelic Zombie T-ShirtImage by feelmystic via Flickr

Psychedelic Art in Fashion by David Arakea

Have you ever wondered why people wear tie-die t-shirts or what type of personalities they are trying to express?

This type of art has been popular since the 1960's. There are many ways to express this art, some are through pictures. This is also popular through the t-shirts we wear today. Psychedelic t-shirt art can take on many shapes and forms, such as splotches running in circles, or lines running in different directions, most are applied to brightly colored shirts.

Not only is psychedelic art used on t-shirts to express fashion, but is also used on pants, pictures and different type of art such as murals, album covers, and also posters. Most psychedelic art is 2 or 3 dimensional and most designs are unique in style, which a lot of people crave because uniqueness is part of the fashion today.

This type of art lets each individual be unique in one way or the other, which makes this type of art a very popular way to express the individuals' personality. Some people look back on the 1960's where this type of art began and they still in some way or other look at that era as being one of the best of the 20th century.

Even over time, this type of art from still makes a statement of the way some things never change, and never will (see an example of a psychedelic t-shirt).

Even so everyone today is unique and different in some way and this type of art is felt to be the one way people can express through fashion that everyone can be different in their own different way.

Through time this type of art has survived many years of different styles that have changed the clothes people wear and the different trends people have gone through.

David Arakea is the lead designer of a custom t-shirt online shop. Among others, he designed Black Keys t-shirt with a touch of psychedelic art.

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