Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baja Pullover Hippie Hoodie

By Jose Franela

Don't run from your hippie side; embrace it with a Baja Hoodie. This comfy wear brings out the laid back side in anyone who puts one on. Mexican clothing that once was considered "uncool", is now off the chart cool. Any flower child or flower child wanna be will feel right at home in this relaxed casual wear.

Hanging out with friends in the mall, or at a concert, hiking in the woods on a camping trip or just lounging in the house, the Baja Hoodie can complement the wardrobe of any rocker, rapper, gangster, or mommy and daddy. Children like the comfort of the looseness and unbinding comfort of this shirt and almost wear it like a security blanket. Versatile and wearer friendly, this type of shirt can be worn with jeans or shorts.

Gender friendly as well, both men and women will enjoy the comfort of woven cotton and its loose fit. These relaxing hoodies make the wearer feel safe and cozy while providing warmth and protection from outside elements in the winter, yet lightweight enough to be worn on a cool summer evening.

If one doesn't purchase this fantastic hippie clothing for one's own self, then keep in mind what a wonderful gift this hoodie will make. Sure to please, there's not a person, male or female, that would turn one down and find that it's literally their favorite wardrobe piece. In the end, one will find that it is a wardrobe staple and a must have. An internet search will lead the shopper to a multitude of selections. Any department store will have a selection of these fabulous hoodies, one has but to look.

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