Saturday, June 12, 2010

High Heels Short Skirt

By San Kim Nguyen

Style and fashion can change slowly or it can change in the blink of an eye. What was once the vogue thing to wear yesterday can suddenly become the most avoided article the next just because of some celebrity. But while the fashion world is filled with a variety of changes every now and then, there are some things that come into the world and find a way to stay no matter what. Sure their popularity might drop a bit but they never truly disappear. Take something like high heels and short skirts.

High heels and short skirts have been around for quite some time. The former has been around for centuries while the latter is a bit of a more recent addition in comparison. While the two have come and gone in the fashion world as styles change they have always been there in the background as people still like to wear them. Every now and again they will surge to front pages again for a while only to slowly fade back into the background again for a short while.

High heels have been around for quite a long time. While the precise date of their 'official' invention is uncertain many attribute it to a short of the Duke of Orleans somewhere in the 16th century. To raise her stature amongst her fellow nobles she commissioned a pair of shoes with raised heels and toes - much like a platform shoe but more like the modern high heel - so that she would appear taller than she really was. The invention caught on and since then the high heel has changed shape and size to the rather standard form we know today. While the history is rather long when it comes to high heels, short skirts do not have a history as ancient.

Unlike high heels, short skirts only made their real appearance in the 1960's with the introduction of the miniskirt. While its actual inception was closer to the end of World War II, the 1960's saw the arrival and staying power of the short skirt we are so familiar with today. While the style waned a bit in the 1970's, the 80's brought it back into fashion and since then it has come into and out of style as years go by. The designer Mary Quant is often attributed to the 'invention' of the miniskirt who along with Jean Shrimpton brought one of the most daring articles of clothing to the world.

While they have been around a while, many women today still wear high heels. Short skirts are also still found here and there and worn by many different women - usually of the young variety. They are steadfast parts of the fashion world that are not likely to disappear overnight. While they may fade into the background for a while, they will certainly always have a part in many people's minds and hearts for a long time to come.

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