Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why Vintage Will Never Go Out of Style

By Michael S. Jones

When we use the term "Vintage" the first thing that comes to our mind is Movie Stars. It was all about the glitz, glamour and the way they carried themselves. The era between the 1950's and 1960's was all about the silhouettes as well as the groovy hippie age. The classic that we have stashed away in our closet is priceless. Vintage women's clothing never goes out of style. It includes evening wear, daily casuals as well as Chinese dresses. You will even find handpicked dresses that will have their original style which will blend in with modern day style.

Even if your just a vintage enthusiast you will find a wide range of clothing that is available on the net which you can choose from. In previous eras, batik prints as well as ethic printed dresses were very much in vogue. You will find a wide variety of sweaters, cardigans, beaded sweaters, cashmere and turtle neck sweaters. Even in skirts you will find something that you will like from circle skirts, A-lines, calicos, poodle skirt, kilts, leather crochets as well as wraps. To make things even more exciting you can even check out vintage women's clothing - swim suits and cover up pieces from the 50's, 60's, 70's.

It's a feeling of nostalgia when you take a trip back to the 60's mixing and matching floral prints with paisley patterns. The bohemian fur collar with a detailed mini dress with ethnic sandals, were the perfect hippie look for that era. Vintage women's clothing is a must have in a girls closet. The perfect outfit will be a little black dress that will see you through a lot of occasions. You will be able to accessorize it with tulle, sequins and lace. There will be a wide selection to choose from. You can even experiment with the neckline - it could be crochet with a hint of color or perhaps even floral embroidery.

Whenever shopping for vintage women's clothing you should consider the designer, since it needs to fit into your budget. If you can afford luxurious items as well as brands then you will have a lot of people envying your dressing style. If it is pinching your pocket then you should first try to find a local vintage store that will keep such clothing. It highly advisable to be patient while looking for the perfect vintage outfit since a lot of searching will be required. You should be able to find a reasonable price range between 10$ to 100$.

Another tip to remember is that you check the piece thoroughly before you purchase the piece to make certain that there are no stains or the cloth is not ripped anywhere.

You can find some really informative content on the internet, if you would like to do any kind of research to narrow down your options while finding the right vintage women's clothing for yourself. These dresses can also be repeated since you can accessorize them with beautiful embellishments that will give you a new look every time you choose to wear a vintage dress. If you still are not sure about what will look the best on you, you can go through some old magazines that will give you some tips on what blouse will go with which pair of jeans or which dress pattern would look the best.

Say soft elegant drama in fabric and it screams vintage back at you. Find Vintage Women's Clothing at... and make an unparalleled entre at your next social do.

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