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El Naturalista - A Responsible Corporate Citizen

El Naturalista Boots (Purple)El Naturalista Boots - Image by cabbit via FlickrBy Charlotte J Wilson

It is heartening to know that there exist companies that believe in doing business by observing and doing their utmost from a corporate social responsibility perspective. One such company having its roots in Spain is El Naturalista which is in the business of making shoes.

This company has the advantage of originating from an area in Spain that has been well known over the years for their skills in making stylish and fashionable footwear. The company has carried this tradition forward and every product that is made by them carries the stamp of excellence and the ultimate in craftsmanship. They have a wide range of boots, sandals, and clogs on offer and the main features remain comfort as well as durability.

What is however striking about the company or the brand is their focus on the environment. In these days of rampant environmental degradation by many companies more keen on adding to their bottom line at any cost, El Naturalista comes as a breath of fresh air. The company is very particular about the raw materials they use and how they discharge effluents. Whether it is chemicals or packaging, the accent is on using biodegradable and recyclable stuff and that culture has been nurtured by the company within all its employees as well.

For example, the company makes use of river stones as well as tree barks along with dyes from vegetable sources for their tanning and dying requirements. This is one of the best examples of eco-friendly manufacturing in any part of the world and El Naturalista can be justifiably proud of their philosophy and commitment to the environment.

Another heartening feature is their philanthropic initiative in returning some percentage of the profits made by the company towards lesser privileged people. They support global community initiatives for building educational institutions, sanitation facilities in Africa and so on. The company believes in a 'Code of Conduct' that will monitor each aspect of its sourcing, manufacturing and marketing activities to ensure that they are all above board and in consonance with high ethical standards. Truly, these are things that most other companies will do well to emulate and follow.

El Naturalista has also put in place very good human rights initiatives such as not employing child labour, not discriminating anybody just because they happen to belong to a particular race or culture or even sexual orientation. The company also has a very secure and healthy work place environment that promotes freedom of thought and expression. It is not a wonder that happy and healthy employees are willingly contributing to the growth of the company.

The company has selected the frog as its brand emblem and fittingly so. The frog is truly one amphibian that values both land and water bodies. Customers buying the El Naturalista brand can take pride in their decision that they have chosen to support a brand that is following high ethical and environment conservation practices and that is indeed saying a lot for any company in today's times.

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