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World Wide Awakening Creates a Universal World

The Age of Aquarius (album)Image via WikipediaBy Barbara Colby

We are in an evolutionary period, much like the Renaissance of old. Like the Renaissance, in fifteenth century Europe, we're seeing a humanistic revival. It is distinguished by vigorous activity of action that supports a transitional movement. The Millennium, or "New Age," speaks to individuality in thought, action and behavior. Events in the Middle Ages set in motion a series of social, political, and intellectual transformations, and were the driver behind the Renaissance.

Then, as now, there is creative action taking place. You don't have to be a forecaster to know this is true. Your eyes and ears tell you it's true. Just listen to the TV or read a daily newspaper that reports on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Pakistan and China.

Even in our own country, in the state of Wisconsin, public voices want to be heard on their individualistic ideals. Systems of yesterday no longer work; therefore, people are beginning to seek out better value systems and new truths to make their new value systems work. These new truths are creating an epoch of inner values, which in turn brings about an inward journey for an individual. Because of the risk and stress, this type of struggle is bound to set in motion the wheels that create a health breakdown.

It's a complex time of involution (a shift). Those things that will be affected in our society today are the natural environment, ideas, social movement, ethics, education, and healthcare. The root of these changes will come from a higher consciousness, and a desire to create a new and better type of reality. Our civilization stands on the brink of making some of its most important changes. We need to feel better, look better, live longer, and heal our body through more natural methods. We're a part of a worldwide awakening.

It is a delicious thing to watch history in the making and the reshaping of ideas, ideals, ethics, and values. In the future, our changing attitude toward good health and the feeling of well being will be the impetus that creates a new path away from conventional medicine. The future is no accident; it comes from condensing what you see, hear, and read. Trends come from the foundation of changing attitudes, needs, demands, the economy, global barriers being lowered, influences of cultural offerings in the marketplace, and lifestyle changes.

This is the dawn of the Aquarian Age. It represents an oneness, an equality, and humanity to mankind. New Age simply means the beginning of a meaningful cycle. The Age of Aquarius is represented with originality, independence and universalism. It will herald new philosophies that will save the world from destruction. The world will become one universal world.

Barbara Diane Colby is author of the new book, Journey of Hope: Gateway to Light and Holistic Wellness. It documents her research over 10 years to heal herself of chronic pain through the therapeutic power of light. Barbara has led successful careers in design, sales and as an educator, color consultant and futurist forecasting design trends. She lives in Indio, Calif., near Palm Springs where she creates award-winning glass art sculpture and gemstone jewelry and advocates bridging alternative and traditional healthcare. Learn more by visiting Contact Barbara at

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