Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let Us Encourage Brands Like Pikolinos In Their Environment Conservation Efforts

ECO logoImage by EVRT Studio via FlickrBy Charlotte J Wilson

Rapid industrialisation and development has come at a price. On one hand we have the advantage and convenience of using so many new products that have been developed over the years but at the same time, their development has also led to compromise of the environment and we are now faced with a situation of increased carbon footprint as well as global warming increasing pretty fast.

In these times, it is our duty to encourage companies that are focused on producing items that give back more to the environment than taking from it and in this regard, the brand Pikolinos with its emphasis on manufacturing shoes and other footwear products keeping environment considerations in mind deserves credit and should be encouraged by customers.

This brand that came into existence in the 1980s has been successful in maintaining high quality as well as introducing innovative designs on its footwear but has at the same time been aware of its responsibilities towards environment conservation. One example can be seen in the manner in which the company makes use of naturally occurring casein milk rather than artificial resins when treating leather that is used to make the shoes. This natural substance not only enhances the final look of the product but also provides effective ventilation.

Pikolinos Shoes also continue to use leather without any treatment of chrome and they ensure that they always use natural raw material to make the soles and other parts of the shoes that are likely to come apart. When they do break down, there is no damage to the environment. The chemicals used are also those that have been tested for their safety and consideration towards minimal environment damage. What's more the company does not restrict itself to just the manufacturing process. It makes sure that even the delivery boxes containing the shoes are made out of cardboard that has been recycled. All this care has enabled them to get the prestigious European Eco certification and that is really a very commendable achievement.

If you have any apprehensions about the durability of the footwear products made by Pikolinos, due to their emphasis on using natural raw materials, then just cast them aside. They have in place highly time tested processes that make best use of high quality leather along with craftsmanship, including hand-sewn methods that are used whenever required to produce the very best of comfortable and durable footwear.

The variety of footwear on offer by Pikolinos is equally impressive. There are boots, slip-ons, and trainers and so on for both men and women with enough choice of colours. However, the more popular among all of them has been the very effective winter boots. These boots are of different lengths and feature high quality shearling lining along with soft leather uppers and rubber soles for effective gripping on any surface. You have the choice of both buttons as well as zippers for the right fit and comfort.

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