Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1960s London Fashions and Street Scenes

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This video will blow you away. It is an interesting contrast between the conservatives and the radicals of the 1960s - great footage of 1960s fashion and culture - enjoy!


Here are the scenes as follows:

Silent footage. Signs outside small Salvation Army building: "Have Faith In God"; "The Earth is the Lord's And The Fulness Thereof". Blonde girl or woman in small mini-skirt and boots walking in street as taxi and cars pass by. Walks towards sign of American Indian on building. The World's End bar and pan to The Salvation Army w/ two women members, one in uniform, standing in front looking at camera. Uniformed woman speaks (MOS) or sings, CU. Other one also speaks to camera (MOS). Two red haired Hippies or students on bench feeding pigeons in Trafalgar Square w/ fountain, lion and traffic beyond. Women in miniskirts walking through; young school girls feed many pigeons as they walk thru. Hippies combing hair and ducking. Pan to fountain. Lions w/ spray blowing past. Traffic w/ double decker buses past St. Martin in the Field church. English hippies on sidewalk towards camera. CU of clothes and worn shoes. School boys in coats and ties across square w/ pigeons. More lions. Two bobby policemen patrol park. Family at fountain edge. Teddy Boys put on leather coats. Other college students walking thru. CU pigeon. Woman in miniskirt. Young Mods. Statue w/ pigeon on hand. Low angle of man feeding pigeons and pigeon on shoulder. Base of Nelson's statue and tilt up column. Traffic on flag lined street looking towards Big Ben. Double-decker buses and taxis. British Union Jack flags. Other flags, wide streets and morning light. Windows of office building.

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