Sunday, July 29, 2012

VIDEO: Streetwise - Street Photography and the 1960s

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Some interesting video photography here depicting the culture and styles of the 1960s.

Uploaded by mopaaudioinsight. Go to this link as well for further information.

Learn about Streetwise, an exhibition of the street photography that defined the culturally changing era of the 1960s. Streetwise built on Swiss photographer Robert Frank's snapshot aesthetic, which gained attention following the release of his groundbreaking book, The Americans in 1959.

Frank's focus on a more personal documentary style influenced a new generation of photographers, including legendaries such as Diane Arbus, Lee Friedlander, Jerry Berndt, Ruth-Marion Baruch, Garry Winogrand, Bruce Davidson, Danny Lyon and Ernest Withers.

Streetwise ran from February 5 - May 15, 2011 at the Museum of Photographic Arts:

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