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Barbour Releases a Collection in Celebration of Steve McQueen

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By Sami Brown

The Barbour Steve McQueen collection is a range of clothing in the style of something that Steve McQueen would wear himself.

Celebrating one of the most famous motorcyclists and actors of the 1960s and 1970s, this particular selection of attire designed by Barbour features some of the most inexpensive yet stylish clothing of the fashion world today.

Steve McQueen was a rebel, and was nicknamed 'The King of Cool' which is exactly what he was! He had an extremely hard childhood and it seemed to him that he would make nothing of himself.

As he went from job to job, house to house and city to city it seemed that his life was going in no direction - that was until he began studying acting in 1952 at Sanford Meisner's Neighbourhood Playhouse.

In order to pay for his fees and study's, he also took up motorcycle racing on the weekends where he would come home with about $100 in winnings (equivalent to $805 today) almost every weekend.

Before this, he was in the military and was promoted to Private First Class due to his keenness and ability to work hard. Unfortunately, he was demoted due to his behaviour and rebellious personality.

His acting career kicked off when he starred on ABC's Jukebox Jury as a musical judge and from that he began getting plenty of jobs. He became the highest-paid movie star in the world and was extremely popular due to his attitude and overall presence.

The Barbour Steve McQueen collection highlights some of his most famous attire and celebrates his motorcycling career greatly. It features clothing which would be suited to be sported by the typical 'bad boy' as denim and leather are prominent materials throughout the collection.

Barbour have managed to create an extremely popular range of clothing that has been sported by masses across the globe. Perfect for a variety of occasions, weathers and recreational activities - this particular range is a great investment into any man's wardrobe. Whether you enjoy wearing jeans, denim, bomber jackets or shirts there is something for you within this outstanding selection of Barbour Steve McQueen clothing.

Barbour never fail to impress, and the north-east of England born brand have continuously provided an eclectic range of apparel that is sought after by many. You have the ability to celebrate the life and success and be the king of cool with this excellent selection of Barbour Steve McQueen clothing.

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