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Channel Mad Men's Joan Holloway With Stunning Vintage Style

Joan Holloway
Joan Holloway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
by Sisi S Tsoi

If you're a fan of the 1960s both in terms of culture and style, you'll no doubt have made time to watch AMC's award winning drama, 'Mad Men', by now.

Set in mid-century Manhattan, primarily at an advertising agency, this show is impeccable in its historical detail, and its aesthetics. Boasting a talented cast and nail-biting plots, it has it all. Yet what is most remarkable, from a style perspective, is the female characters' stunning fashion.

Since the show is now five seasons long, it has spanned half of this stylish decade, and as such has incorporated much of its clothing inspiration. Let's take a look at the most incredible, in order to emulate these classic retro styles.

When it comes to Mad Men, the most notable character on a visual level simply has to be Joan Holloway. With her stunning red hair, and enviable hourglass figure, this sexy secretary seems to have it all. She knows how to use her charm to her advantage, gets the men on her side, and yet is a trusted confidante to all the girls in the office too.

Channel Joan's incredible style in tailored, bodycon dresses in jewel and earthy tones, paired with classic heels for that famous walk. Perfect the beehive for an authentic 1960s look, and don't forget the winged eyeliner and impeccable lips. With Joan, it's always pure class.

If you're a fan of the shift silhouette, look to the talented Peggy Olsen for inspiration. She could almost be a predecessor to Alexa Chung's vintage style look, all about the Peter Pan Collars, and the shift dresses with cute lace details. Scallop hems are a great way to bring a current twist to this cut, and make the straight silhouette of the dress more interesting.

Add retro school satchels and hairbands for a look that is studious but pretty, polished and yet hints that the wearer has more important things to do than merely look nice for the boys. Peggy is all about trailblazing in her career, paving the way for other women to achieve in what is still very much a man's world. Her look therefore demands that she means business, but she's still free to have a little fun too.

If you love the Mad Men style but the more classic shapes, look towards the mother of Don Draper's children, Betty. Character flaws aside, she always looks perfect, in her 1950s housewife style dresses and Grace Kelly inspired hair and makeup. Go for dresses that are fitted on the torso but flare out at the waist, for a flattering, feminine cut. Pair with smart heels and a ladylike handbag for an outfit that screams vintage and yet never goes out of style due to its sheer beauty.

You can update Betty's style with a fun, playful print. Look to Prada's 2012 vintage car print for inspiration, or go for fruits and vegetables for a humorous take on the trend. Vintage dressing is all about having fun and looking to the beauty of the past as a way to enhance the present.

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