Wednesday, August 1, 2012

VIDEO: 1969

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Interesting doco about 1969!

1969 reflects the faces, events, and social perspectives that were prevalent in America during the year of 1969, presenting the viewer with an array of historical images in order to impact their understanding and perception of the era.

This highly structured assemblage of archival footage has the potential to directly affect the way in which others view the era, influencing social consciousness and historical knowledge. As the original inspiration of this endeavor, the musical score is fittingly "1969" by The Stooges.

However, this is not a traditional music video. Rather, 1969 is a compilation of archival footage set to a musical tempo. This production will appeal to a broadly diverse demographic. Baby-boomers and senior generations will undergo nostalgic recall while younger viewers will experience absolute awe, witnessing the astounding events that brought an end to a remarkable decade.

1969 will appeal to viewers of both sexes and diverse ethnic backgrounds, as this production acknowledges every major facet of American culture during the era. An accompanying live-action prologue and epilogue encapsulate the program, facilitating a recreation of the late-sixties ambience.

*Note: This program was legally created and exhibited utilizing the "Fair Use" exemption set forth in Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act.

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